What Our Clients Are Saying

"My problems with the IRS were eradicated due to Joy. I experienced the IRS placing a lien on my paycheck for not filing my taxes for certain years. It is the qualities that Joy showed in resolving my problems is why I am writing this recommendation. As my power of attorney, Joy showed great patience, but persistence in communicating with both the IRS and my state agency who were in reorganization to function during the pandemic. After receiving information from the taxing agencies, Joy provided me with a meticulous detailed tax history, then formulated a detailed plan to solve my current problems and prevent future situations. Then she swiftly prepared my taxes to satisfy the IRS’s demands. Through Joy’s hard work and diligence, my problems with the IRS were resolved, paying ¼ of their demands. The benefits were that one, the IRS got their fingers out of my paycheck and paid me back for their overcharging. But, most importantly, the very dark cloud hanging over me was over and I was free again. Finally, the last benefit was that I found someone who was easy to work with. Joy was always there when needed."

S. Crestol


"I was really happy and comforted with both the relief of knowing that someone would be able to take this burden that I had been carrying for so long from me and also had my best interests at heart. Other “Tax Professionals” did not have a fraction of the amount of actual consideration that Joy was able to provide. I am a blue-collar worker who overextended on a venture in my earlier years and had not resolved my taxes with the government. I had met with several “tax professionals” before I met with Joy. I am good at a lot of things but my tax situation had me almost paralyzed where I didn’t know where to start. Financially I could start making payments but I could not get ANY type of guidance from anyone for procedure. From our first meeting Joy asked about my goals in the future. Joy, without hesitation said, go ahead and start planning. What was just a dream of owning our own home actually happened in June of 2021. Joy was able to significantly reduce the amount owed and now, I can for the first time in 15 years know that I am up to date with my taxes. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am to Joy and Fairfax Tax Problem Solvers for the resolution. My wife and I were able to purchase a home which was only a dream a year ago. Above that though is the peace of mind that Joy was able to give me after our first meeting. One other note that I feel is really important for someone out there to hear is that it can feel really embarrassing, and scary to deal with these types of situations. I had met with several other “tax professionals.” The problem will not go away on its own so you need to start somewhere. Most “tax professionals” that I had dealt with are interested in only processing your file and moving on. Joy is different, she actually cares about your life after the resolution."

Stephen S.

"My impression, throughout, has been one of trust, confidence and assurance that my case will receive the utmost attention. As the outcome indicates, it was. Foremost, the outcome, that of a substantial account deemed CNC, was attained in a timely manner, despite the rigors of the COVID pandemic and IRS understaffing. The processes were professional, obviously well practiced and to the point. I knew exactly what was required of me, Ms. Ahn and the IRS throughout the process. There was no was of time nor unnecessary elements. 1. Working together with Ms. Ahn allowed me insight as to the importance and exact nature of the information required for IRS execution of my case. I learned how important the information I provided is in solving a complex problem at the various offices in a very complex federal agency. A textbook could not have prepared me better. 2. Communications, communications, communications. In every step of the process Ms. Ahn kept me thoroughly informed and prepared for the steps that would follow. 3. I appreciated the personal attention I received and the professional way it was delivered. I will return to Ms. Ahn for any further tax concerns I may have."

W.D. Blosjo

"My books were a mess, thanks to my terrible bookkeeping, and another accountant who was highly ranked(surprisingly) until I found  Joy. She redid my 2021, because it was way off, and saved me so much more money than I thought was possible. She completed my 2022 taxes and got my business fully compliant and worry free tax wise. I hesitated on switching at first, not realizing how crappy my the first accountant was, but once I did I noticed a tremendous difference immediately, from the meetings, conversations, and her overall knowledge of tax preparing, to just being able to get ahold of her quickly and easily, it's been an absolute pleasure to work with Joy. In my line of work(HVAC) once you find someone who hits the nail on the head.. EVERYTIME, and you can fully, whole heartedly trust them 100%, why would you ever want to leave? Thank you so much Joy, I'll be referring you to everyone I know in need!"

Connor S.

"At a time when most accountants and tax professionals do the minimum to move on to the next client, Joy has proven to be a refreshing change. She is detail-oriented, thorough, extremely well-versed in her profession, and always willing to go the extra mile. She makes sensible suggestions that have proven very helpful over the years. I trust her with taxes and accounting problems absolutely. I believe anyone smart enough to use Joy's services will be relieved that they have no more problems in this important area of their lives."



"Joy was somebody we stumbled upon through QuickBooks and we hit the jackpot. She is quick to respond to your calls,texts or emails and she doesn't let anything slide under the rug. Our previous accountant made so many minor mistakes and messed up a lot of things. Joy went in and fixed everything for us and put all of our bookkeeping and taxes in order. She is genuine in her best interest for you and doesn't cut corners or slack off. She is not one to procrastinate and doesn't let you as well so if you tend to leave things until the very last minute you better be prepared. I appreciate her keeping me in check and reminding me of when she needs things but not so much that is seems like a bother. I'd highly recommend her to anybody."


"We've used Joy for 2 years now and we are extremely happy and satisfied with her work. She is meticulous to make sure everything is right. She is very responsive, and never leaves us waiting for an answer. She makes suggestions to help us better prepare for the upcoming year. She always works with us. She has made our lives easier."